Interior Shutters FAQs

Q: How long does it take to build and install interior wood shutters in my home?

A: Our Interior Wood Plantation Shutters have an estimated lead time of 5 to 8 weeks. Rush Orders can be placed with an additional surcharge added to the standard pricing.

Q: How do I measure for my shutters?

A: All you have to do is call our Sales Office at 615.833.3425 and set up a free estimate and consultation.

Q: What does your lifetime warranty & guarantee include?

Q: What size louvered shutters do you sell?

A: Our standard louver sizes include 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ louvers. There is no price difference in the standard louver sizes chosen. We offer 1 7/8″ and 1″ louver size with an additional surcharge.

Q: Is there a cost difference in the different size of your louvers?

A: With our louvered shutters, there is no cost difference in the standard size louvers. A smaller louver can be obtained at an additional charge.

Q: What is a divider rail and what is its purpose?

A: The divider rail is a division within one panel that creates two separate sections of louvers. This allows you to have more control of light and privacy by being able to open and close the louvers above and below the divider rail independently of the other. This is an advantage to having functional wood shutters. The divider rail is an option on all our shutters at no additional charge.

Q: What type of wood do we use for our interior plantation shutters?

A: Our Classic Shutter is composed of Basswood. The Classic Shutter is a “paint only product”; for a stain shutter we use only our Premium Shutter due to the select nature of the wood and the grain in the wood. We use a clear Basswood on our custom Premium Shutters. The finish on all our interior shutters is a Fine Furniture Quality lacquer finish.

Q: Do we do custom paint matches and what kind of paint do we use?

A: We have several standard white colors that you can choose to blend with your trim finish that are included in the price of the Classic Shutter. We can custom match your shutters when we are given a paint dip on a wood paint stir stick from your paint of choice. There is a small surcharge for this service on our Classic Shutters, but this service is included in the price of the Premium Shutters. We use a lacquer paint finish on our products. It is a pre-catalyzed finish which supplies the wood with great moisture resistance and durability. It is also a fast drying paint which prevents sticking. It is better than an oil based paint because it resists yellowing over time. Additional paint colors for the same job will have a minimum surcharge added.

Stained shutters have a surcharge added to the price of the shutter for the additional labor that is necessary for this type of finish. We offer several standard stain finishes or you can order a custom stain match with a stain sample on a piece of wood provided to us for the match for a small surcharge.

Q: What is the proper way to tilt open and shut my interior wood louvers?

A: The proper way to tilt open and shut interior or exterior wood louvers is by using the louvers themselves. The purpose of the “tilt rod” is to allow the louvers to move uniformly when the shutter is closed or opened. The “tilt rod” is the weakest point of the shutter and is, therefore, not appropriate to use as an opening and closing lever.